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Welcome to Oxford!

It's here! We're live!!

We're super excited to finally launch our website! And what better time to do it than on International Tourism Day?

Discover Oxford is a fresh and engaging new digital magazine with curated directory and a special focus on the cooler, trendier, more modern side of Oxford.

Like many Oxfordians, I'm not from here but I've now lived in Oxford long enough to be a local - or a sort of local? Either way, this is where I live and I love exploring as if I've just arrived. There's not a new thing I don't want to see and try.

When I decided to move here a few years ago, I went online looking deeper into where in Oxford I might like to live. Where did people live, study or party. Where was the best burger in town? Where could I grab a quiet beer while working on my laptop with earphones in. Where would I get sourdough bread? Where would I take visiting family for a nice dinner? What about squeaky poutine cheese? Where would I even see Glass Animals? Could I find cool vintage day dresses? I wanted to know all of it.

To my surprise, all I could find at the time were council type sites talking about road closures and upcoming things to do with children. That was all fine and dandy, but it wasn't going to help me meet people, stay cool and have a life chockful of new experiences.

Oxford is world-renowned for its colleges... surely all those smart vibrant people young and old put a book down sometimes and want to go out? Where do they even go?

So, I decided to just do it myself and here it finally is - Oxford explored and discovered by a newcomer/maybe-sort-of-by-now-local who enjoys hearing, tasting, smelling, consuming a city to the fullest.

Discover Oxford's grown into a great team over time and 15k+ followers on Instagram. We aim to cover a variety of topics to suit many tastes and showcase things we feel are worth the visit either for their quality, eccentricity, beauty, history or any other random reason we think is worthwhile.

This is a passion project intended to grow and mature over time. We have lots in the works and we can't wait to publish new things daily.

Hope you like us!




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