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Hello again, Brasserie Blanc

It was our first time back at Brasserie Blanc since 2019 and there's comfort in knowing you'll enjoy your evening before you even get there. BB is the kind of place where the menu is modern and creative but the basics are reliable and you know there'll be no disappointments. The welcome is genuine and the service is always great.

Lucky enough to get a window table on what was probably the last sunny summery warm Friday night of the year, we got to enjoy cocktails and salty nibbles while watching vibrant Jericho shift from daytime hustle to weekend vibe. In true French bistro fashion, we weren't pressed to get on with it so we managed to exhale the week before ordering.

We started with the obvious: the cheese souffle! The Brasserie Blanc signature dish and for good reason. This thing is light and fluffy and cheesy and then you get to pour more creamy gooey cheese sauce on top of it. Side note: they serve it with a tiny spoon and nobody knows if that's what you're supposed to use and nobody cares. Just eat it while it's hot!

Everyone at the table was vegetarian and pleasantly surprised at the expanded range of V and Ve choices. With a world fusion influence, the menu has interesting things like the jackfruit fritters on green mango slaw and classics like the meze plate and the halloumi burger. The burger was to die for btw. Everybody makes a halloumi burger now, but not like this. BB's obviously puts thought into making delectable food for everyone.

We saved room for a rhubarb crumble and a decadently creamy rich buttery chocolate feuilletine.

Next time I'm having dessert between the souffle and the burger!

Thanks for another great Friday Night, Brasserie Blanc!


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