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Greyfriars Hideaway Raises the Bar in Oxford

We're always on the hunt for the best of Oxford and there's one thing we've consistently been left craving: true luxury accommodation in the city. You know, the kind of place where just being there feels special and exclusive. A treat. A place where you can imagine the cream of the crop might also spend time. Sure there's a couple hotels that offer top-tier accommodation and service in Oxford - the usual suspects and they are indeed really great places we enjoy thoroughly, but the fact that a city like Oxford can count only two or three is completely baffling. Oxford is a city of intellectuals, art lovers, world-renowned experts, and world leaders. We attract the world's best minds who, let's face it, are used to being lured and pampered with flair and luxury comforts. If you want to attract top visitors, you need a proper place for them to stay.

Sometimes they come with an entourage, sometimes they need privacy a hotel just can't offer. Sometimes they want bespoke concierge service, a private chef or a butler, or even personal training, tours or housekeeping. Sometimes they just want to be alone and not share space. Greyfriars Hideway has created such a haven and it's nothing but the best over there!

We were invited for a private tour of the enchanting property that's made up of two stunning early 17th century buildings - these can be reserved jointly or separately. Hiding in plain sight, right smack in the city centre, the walled property is top-notch. Clearly a labour of love, nothing has been spared or overlooked.

An Artful Marriage of Old and New You have all the modern comforts you might expect but heritage, art and architecture are everywhere, respectfully refurbished in a happy marriage between old and new. There's really nothing like it in Oxford. There you are, luxuriously soaking in your ultra modern en-suite tub, your tunes coming from the integrated system, admiring the to-die-for 17th century master plasterwork that adorns your bedroom ceiling. That extraordinary ceiling btw also happens to be the star feature of the property and what got it listed as a Grade II building.

Two Buildings and a Courtyard The Master's Lodgings and Cloisters. Whether you're a big family, a fancy wedding party, a diplomat and their entourage, or a couple just wanting exclusive use of a property for peace and utter privacy, Greyfriars Hideaway is state-of-the-art in every instance.

A Labour of Love Meticulously planned and executed, Greyfriars Hideaway is undeniably a passion project where the owner has lovingly overseen every single step of the 2.5 year restoration project, and finally opened the doors only once everything was just right. The property boasts things like chef's kitchens, butler's pantry, wine fridge, integrated Sonos throughout, underfloor heating, state of the art en-suite bathrooms for every room, large comfortable rooms (so rare in Oxford!), handmade beds, art, luxurious carpets, lit staircases, fine wallpaper, dressing rooms... do we need to go on?

They love dogs! For all the talk of exclusivity the one thing that is not excluded at GH is your dog. The owner proudly says that his family would not travel without their beloved pet so they do not expect you to either. Dogs are part of the family at Greyfriars and we all know that their company in the end is what brings us the greatest comfort. After that, all the other perks are just bonus.

Second to none in Oxford Greyfriars Hideaway, is in the centre of the city. You're right in the thick of it, but it's quiet and private and secure. A clever mix of old and new where antiques and modern amenities coexist seamlessly and comfort is not compromised by design.

LA/ Greyfriars Hideaway is a luxury self-catering two-building property in the heart of Oxford City that sleeps 12, is dog-friendly and for which bespoke concierge service, private chef, housekeeping and other luxury services can be reserved.


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