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The Museum Of Oxford Reopens

The Museum of Oxford reopened this month to a stunning new space which has tripled in size. After a £2.8 million makeover over two years, the Museum is once again open to everyone who wants to learn about the history of Oxford and its people. Displays, artefacts and modern technologies do a great job of showcasing Oxford through the ages.

Visitors will love the more immersive experience, with those fondly remembering the Oxford Story interactive ride. The Museum is set to enjoy a similar deep dive into the history of the Dreaming Spires.

The ground floor now hosts two new galleries which show the ever-changing landscape of Oxford through exhibits, audio & visuals, and interactive displays. Its learning spaces for education, temporary or travelling exhibitions as well as school and community outreach projects. It's a wonderfully welcoming space open to everyone.

Open in 1975 inside the magnificent Town Hall building, the Museum of Oxford now makes its own history by reinventing itself to speak to a new generation of history buffs.

During the museum’s Covid-19 closure staff have been collaborating on projects which formed part of the opening exhibition this month. The include Queering Spires to explore history of LGBTIQA+ spaces in the city and won Sustainable Project of the Year at the Museum + Heritage Show 2020.



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